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If you require boiler repair in Newcastle or boiler servicing in Newcastle then it means you’re searching for a professionally (and legally) trained gas engineer (this includes full ACS training, qualifications and Gas Safe certification). Colin Dakers is all of the above – so you don’t have to carry on trawling the net – call today!

Gas Safe Engineers

The gas safe register is the established and lawfully recognised gas registration body – replacing the prior registration body (1/4/2009) which was CORGI. This simply means, that anyone that works with gas or arrives to check out your boiler to service, repair or install a new boiler has to be “gas safe” approved – it is against the law for any person without these certifications to work with gas.

Hiring a gas safe engineer for boiler servicing in Newcastle or boiler repair in Newcastle will make sure the safety of both your premises and your family. Working with or permitting a person that isn’t registered to work with your gas supply may lead to poorly installed and/or poorly and erroneously serviced gas appliances. As a result this can lead to several serious events such as gas leaks, gas explosions and/or even carbon monoxide poisoning.


When do I need my boiler servicing in Newcastle?

In the UK, the health and safety executive is responsible for regulating all gas safety and it’s the exact same executive who over sees the gas safe register (the accreditation that any body whom works with gas must have). The executive strenuously suggests that any gas appliance or gas boiler is serviced by a gas safe certified and registered engineer at least every Calendar year. Similar to a car MOT – it truly is necessary to ensure all your gas appliances are working both efficiently and safely. So if you conform to this legislation you should only need your boiler servicing in Newcastle once every Year.

Each gas appliance service would include examining, testing, clean-up and fault finding in order to identify any irregularities with either your boiler or any other gas appliance. There’s a chance you’re oblivious that your machine isn’t working safely or correctly. There are lots of people (of various age groups) in the UK who suffer from severe illness and even death as a result of gas related illness such as carbon monoxide poisoning.

boiler servicing in Newcastle

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What Boiler Servicing consists of and is it required?

As outlined above – a boiler service will predominantly entail cleaning, inspecting, fault finding and testing but depending upon the brand of boiler you may have would mean different technical specs and procedures can vary.

For those who have a modern boiler the safety and effective operation of the boiler might primarily be dependant upon the analysis of the flue gasses. Which means that if the “gas combustion analysis” reveals that things are as expected and the boiler is functioning properly – then more dismantling of the boiler won’t be required.

Other boilers might require other assessment for instance: your boiler might need that the heat exchanger has to be taken apart, then cleaned and then put back together – having individual pieces examined as the engineer goes. This gives the engineer the cabability to determine whether or not the boiler and its parts are running safely and properly.

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boiler servicing in Newcastle

What’s the difference between annual boiler Servicing and an annual Safety Check?

A gas engineer needs to (by law) stick to the specified service requirements that will be laid out by the appliances manufacturer and conditions will vary dramatically between appliances and manufacturers.

Should the customer has displaced the original instructions or your boiler is no longer being produced – then the manufacturer could have discontinued support and replacement unit instructions aren’t going to be available. Under these circumstances – your gas engineer will follow a certain, standard set of servicing directions that will include: checking, cleaning and various testing procedures.

After adhering to these standard procedures we will legally only provide you with the customer with a invoice for an ‘Annual Safety Check’ as an alternative to an ‘Annual Service’.

Colin Dakers is really knowledgeable and our experience certainly aids our consumers since we have constructed and put together a plethora of manufacturer service manuals and therefore nearly all our customers will have their boiler fully serviced opposed to checked.

boiler servicing in Newcastle

Is annual boiler servicing adequate or do I need breakdown cover?

Most clients do not grasp exactly how highly durable a boiler is designed to be. As a result of durability of your boiler – typically, if it’s serviced annually, it will be extremely unlikely to be problematic.

Reported by a ‘Which?’ review conducted in 2008 (, the regular prices accrued for boiler servicing in Newcastle together with costs for incidental repairs, were not even half of the breakdown contract costs over a three (3) years timeframe. For this reason, a breakdown contract isn’t cost-effective.

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