Radiator Replacement in Newcastle 

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Would like to change an older radiator or put in a new one? There can be various reasons as to the reasons you need radiator replacement in Newcastle, from having to have the radiator taken off the wall in order to decorate then put the radiator back onto the wall – to wishing to swap a radiator for aesthetic reasons. For the reasons stated above, Newcastle Plumbing & Heating offers three great services available:

Switch your existing radiator in the same position

We recognise that people want to adapt and transform their surroundings for numerous reasons, from just fancying a change to seeking to make a feature with a new radiator. Therefore, if a replacement service is you’re after – phone us.

Radiator replacement in Newcastle or thoroughly changing

the position and location of an existing one

Selecting the right size and type of radiator is critical to be able to heat a space efficiently and quickly. You must properly size the radiator to the room that it’s going to be positioned in. Consequently several factors will have to be planned for before undertaking radiator replacement in Newcastle, including elevation (whether it’s south or north facing), the fabric of the building, the amount of windows and doors, along with the type of flooring (whether it be suspended or solid). These variables affect the amount of air changes that transpire, which in turn affects the amount of Watts/KW’s (Btu’s) required to warm that space.

At Colin Dakers Plumbing & Heating – we know and realise that every one of these questions are important and that’s why our “new radiator installation service” includes our expert thoughts and all the advice that you may need!